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Mr. Moustachio's 10 Manliest Stach'oos of All Time, Mustache Costume Party Temporary Tattoos

Recently wearing a fake mustache has become popular.  Mustaches are turning up everywhere and not only on faces.   You can find them on Pringles cans, on throw pillows, onesies that infants wear.   I see them everywhere!

How about a fun temporary mustache tattoo to wear on Halloween?  
If you don't have time to mess around with a trying to get a costume, why not wear a mustache.

Our Grandsons birthday is coming up soon and we are ging to give some of the adults a mustache to wear.  Imagine his surprise when he walks in the room and his Grandmother is wearing a mustache.   I can't wait to see his face.

  • Set of 10 temporary mustache tattoos for adults or kids
  • Depending on style, tattoos measure 2-4 inches long
  • Great for Halloween, kid's birthday parties, costume parties or theatre groups
  • Perfect for goody bags, party favors and stocking stuffers
  • Easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil

  • Buy Now
    Mr. Moustachio's 10 Manliest Stach'oos of All Time, Mustache Costume Party Temporary Tattoos   .99 cents


    Set of 6 Party Masks by Pudgy Pedro's Review ~ Design Your Own Party Mask

    If you are looking for a quick get up for Halloween, be sure to check out these Mardi Gras style party masks.

    I think these would be great to decorate yourself for the next masquerade ball you are invited to.     You could wear them as they are, or decorate them yourself to make them more festive.

    If you want to decorate them yourself. Just gather craft supplies you already have around your house.  Get out your hot glue gun and go to work!!

    Are we the cats meow or what?

    More of the different masks I made.

    • Set of six plastic party masks (Fits adults and children)
    • Included colors are gold, silver, red, blue, pink and green
    • Masks measure 6 inches long and cover half the face (nose included)
    • Elastic bands keep masks in place
    • Perfect for Halloween, a masquerade ball, Mardi Gras, weddings, birthdays and more

    Buy Now
    Set of 6 Party Masks by Pudgy Pedro's $2.99


    How To Cook Okra

    I love Okra and usually I steam it.   
    Steaming okra brings out the fantastic flaver of the vegetable and it isn't as slimy as when you boil it.
    How do you cook okra?

    It's A Boy !!

    Here is a Summer Squash from my garden
    .  It is for sure a BOY!


    The Biggest Holly Tree I have Ever Seen

    I had no idea that a Holly Tree could grow to be this big

    See the building next to it.  It is a 2 story building and this is growing well above that.

    No berries in this one right now

    We seen this Holly tree in Seaside, New Jersey and since I have never, ever seen a Holly Tree this tall, I had to take a picture.

    So,  Have you ever seen a Holly this tall?


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